Driving lessons Wolverhampton 3

Here's what some "passed" pupils have to say ...


Alex R (Finchfield)   Oct 2014

"Jon is an outstanding instructor, and I genuinely could not have passed without him - and first time round as well ! Not only is he thorough in your understanding of learning to drive, but also very friendly and calming - which is just what you need before your test. I would recommend Jon to anyone, for his exceptional ability in teaching, and his courteous and professional manner".


Jen M (Claregate)   Dec 2014

"Jon is a marvellous driving instructor. As someone who was apprehensive to drive, I felt at ease all throughout the experience. He is understanding and patient, which really boosted my confidence that developed week by week. Jon is an excellent teacher, was extremely helpful by providing handouts, and going the extra mile every week. As a result, I passed first time, thanks to Jon !

As well as being an exceptional instructor, he is also a friendly man with great conversation and humour. I enjoyed the whole learning to drive experience. I would highly recommend Jon to anyone. A professional, A++ driving instructor."



Kate M (Castlecroft) March 2015

"When I first started learning to drive, I never thought I would have enjoyed the experience as much as I have. Jon is an extremely good tutor, and is a pleasure to have in the car with me".



Cathy S (Perton) June 2015

"Jon is a brilliant instructor. His patient and calm manner really put me at ease. He goes above and beyond, wit his knowledge and useful handouts. Jon's thorough tuition fully prepared me for any eventuality when I took my test. A lovely man who I would recommend to anybody."



Dan D (Penn) July 2015

"It has been an absolute pleasure learning how to drive with Jon over the last year as I have always felt at ease with him. I would strongly recommend learning to drive with him, as he is very laid back, friendly and calm. He also delivers each lesson with full enthusiasm, making it a fun experience every time. Thank you for everything Jon, as I couldn't have done it without you ! "



Sophie M (Codsall) August 2015

"I highly recommend Jon Jones as a driving instructor. I was very nervous and Jon put me at ease straight away, giving me confidence and the belief in myself to drive.

Jon teaches you how to drive in a proper, thorough and systematic manner, and doesn't just rush someone to get their test done.

With Jon's guidance and working with me at a pace relevant to each individual, I am very happy to say I passed first time."



Jake B (Castlecroft) September 2015

"Jon made my driving experience really enjoyable, being a patient, friendly and punctual instructor. I managed to pass my test first time with 3 minor faults, but most importantly with a lot of confidence.

I would recommend Jon to anyone without hesitation !"



Colleen S (Bushbury)  March 2016

"As someone that was apprehensive about driving, I was put at ease the moment I met Jon. With his calming manner, I wondered why I had put off having driving lessons for so long.

Jon is a truly wonderful instructor who is patient, well mannered and a constant reassurance (even when you feel you have had a bad lesson !).

I would not hesitate in recommending Jon as an instructor to anyone."



Kanika P (Penn) Aug 2016

"Jon is a fantastic instructor who helped me feel comfortable, and constantly supported me during my lessons.

Jon was really patient, and would continuously put in the extra effort to ensure I understood what I was doing and felt confident doing it.

Jon made lessons enjoyable and interesting, which meant I looked forward to them. Highly recommend Jon to any new learners out there. Thank you Jon."



Stephanie P (Bilston) Aug 2016

"I was a nervous learner and had a bad experience with my previous instructor. I feel lucky to learn driving with Jon.

Jon is always calm and patient, which helps nervous learners like me to relax and concentrate during lessons. Jon is a brilliant instructor, who is professional and highly skilled.

I have learnt how to drive safely and become a responsible driver. I am very pleased to pass my test the first time. I would recommend Jon to anybody."



Kamal K (Penn) Dec 2016

"Excellent driving instructor - Jon is a wonderful driving instructor, who taught me the skills I needed during my driving learning experience. I was very nervous on my first lesson with Jon, as I didn't know the ABCs of a car.

Jon was immensely patient throughout all the lessons, and explained each and every situation in perfect detail. He kept his calm even though I kept making silly mistakes. His reaction was to always reinforce correct method, without seeming to pressurise or sound annoyed.

He prepared me to pass my driving test at the first attempt. The information that he provides to his pupils is extremely vital, and all anyone needs to pass a test. I will definitely recommend Jon to anyone looking to learn to drive."



Alice W (Codsall) Jan 2017

"The main reasons why I consider Jon to be an excellent driving instructor are due to his organisation, thoughtfulness and level-headedness - qualities which made me feel confident in my driving right from the very first lesson.

Each lesson is carefully planned out, and it is evident that Jon puts in extra time reflecting on past performance, in order to create a lesson tailored towards the individual.

Because of this, by the time I came to take my test, I felt as well prepared and confident as it is possible for a student to be. Overall, I am very pleased with my driving experience, and I would certainly recommend Jon as a driving instructor."



Beck D (Perton) March 2017

"I have just passed on my first attempt, and I can not praise Jon's driving tuition enough. I always felt relaxed during my lessons and thoroughly enjoyed them.

Jon is great at finding the best way to help you learn and progress. I am the fourth person within my extended family to learn with Jon. We all passed first time. Can not praise him enough."



Lois T (Tettenhall Wood) October 2017

"After having a terrible experience with my first driving instructor, I was very anxious about driving again. I told Jon from the very start about how I was feeling about driving, and he immediately understood and made me feel very comfortable with him.

Jon has a caring nature and is very patient. If something takes you 1 time to learn or 100, Jon keeps encouraging you regardless.

Jon has excellent handouts, which for me he emailed, and also has great diagrams which he used on lessons. I found these very helpful.

Jon was always well prepared, and made notes on what we had previously covered and what he thought I needed to practice more, but he also took into consideration how I felt and listened to what I wanted extra pracice on.

Even though I failed my first test (silly mistakes I won't be making again !) Jon encouraged me to get back at it, and helped me improve on the things I failed on. This ensured I passed second time !

It has been a pleasure to learn to drive with Jon. I would 100% recommend him to anyone who is looking for a driving instructor, and I am looking forward to completing my Pass Plus with Jon."



Joe G (Finchfield)  March 2019

"I found Jon to be a very good instructor. He is patient, calm & very knowledgeable, often explaining things using analogies which can be an excellent way for him to get a point across.

I felt at ease the moment I got into the car, and couldn't wait for the next lesson.

At the end of every lesson we would debrief, and Jon would send out useful handouts covering what we had learned or what we were going to cover on the next lesson.

We did plenty of mock tests preparing me really well for the real thing. Post test I also completed the Pass Plus course with Jon, which I would highly recommend, as we covered driving situations outside the test, such as motorway driving, which really improved my confidence. I feel learning to drive with Jon has made me a safe & competent driver.

Overall I found Jon to be very professional and punctual, never missing a lesson and always on time. I thoroughly enjoyed being in the car, which was nice to drive, always clean and in excellent condition.

I would highly recommend Jon to anyone learning to drive."



Gemma M (Penn) May 2019

"As a nervous driver with no prior experience, Jon put me at ease and offered plenty of encouragement. He was a thorough, friendly and patient instructor. His support helped me to persevere when I found things difficult. In the end this meant I was able to pass first time, for which I am very grateful. I would highly recommend him."