Terms & Conditions Driving instructors Wolverhampton 3

The following terms & conditions represent the basis upon which driving tuition is offered by Jon Jones Driving Tuition.

The provision of tuition is subject to the acceptance of these terms & conditions:


1. Driving licence & fitness to drive:

1.1 You must hold a current, valid driving licence, provisional or full, and produce it at the start of the first lesson. (An online driving record check will need to have been completed prior to your first lesson, confirming your legal entitlement to drive).

1.2 You must be able to read a number plate at a distance of 20.5 metres - with glasses if normally worn

1.3 You must ensure you are in a fit state to drive, and at no time during lessons are you to  be under the influence of alcohol or any substance that may affect your ability to drive, otherwise your instructor will have to end the lesson. In such circumstances, the lesson fee will be payable, and would not be refunded.

1.4 You must inform Jon Jones immediately regarding changes to your status which could affect your legality or fitness to drive (points on licence or health issues). Jon Jones will not be held responsible for any consequences arising as a result, should you fail to notify him accordingly.


2. Payments:

2.1 Tuition fees must be paid in advance at the start of lessons.

2.2 Payments can be made by cash, or  cheque (made payable to: Jon Jones).

2.3 Cheques offered for payment that are subsequently returned by the bank will be subject to an administrative fee of £15.


3. Cancellations:

3.1 You may cancel or postpone a lesson at any time, provided reasonable notice has been given. However, Jon Jones would be grateful if at least 1 hour's notice could be given prior to the start of the scheduled lesson. Failure to give the required notice will result in the lesson fee being payable.

3.2 Jon Jones reserves the right to cancel, postpone, or change a lesson under certain circumstances eg) weather or road conditions are unsuitable or dangerous. In the event of such cancellation, lesson fees paid will be carried forward, and Jon Jones will arrange an alternative time and date with you.


4. Booking and lesson duration:

4.1 Jon Jones will endeavour to maintain regular lesson slots on the same day & time each week, thus ensuring continuity of learning. However, lessons may occasionally need to be postponed to allow another pupil the use of the training vehicle for their driving test. Jon Jones will endeavour to provide you with as much notice as practicable.

4.2 Lessons are guaranteed to be of a full hour each. If Jon Jones is running late for the lesson, he will make every effort to inform you of the estimated time of arrival.


5. Training vehicle:

5.1 The training vehicle will be fitted with dual controls, and will be well maintained, clean and tidy at all times (subject to reasonable wear and tear).

5.2 Jon Jones Driving Tuition will not be liable for any failure of the training vehicle during a lesson or the practical driving test. The pupil and Jon Jones will check the training vehicle prior to the start of the practical driving test.


6. The driving test:

6.1 Jon Jones will inform you when, in his opinion, you are ready to take your practical driving test; when a date and time will be agreed between Jon Jones and the pupil accordingly.

6.2 Jon Jones Driving Tuition will endeavour to provide you with the use of the training vehicle for the driving test. Occasionally the training vehicle may not be available for a driving test for reasons outside the control of Jon Jones, and for which Jon Jones will have no liability.

6.3 Jon Jones may withhold the training vehicle if the pupil's driving is, in his opinion, actually or potentially dangerous, and is therefore not to test standard.

6.4 Jon Jones can not be held responsible for test appointments cancelled by the DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) due to bad weather, sickness, industrial action or other reason. Such cancellations are beyond the control of Jon Jones, and therefore the lesson fee for the booked period will be charged. In such circumstances the DVSA will provide you with a compensation claim form.


7. Acceptance:

A copy of these terms & conditions will be emailed (or posted where necessary) to you when booking your first lesson with Jon Jones Driving Tuition. By accepting the offer of driving lessons, you are agreeing to abide by and accept these terms & conditions.